Trauma/Critical Illness Cover

​How many people do you know who have been diagnosed with cancer?
Medicare and Private health are not designed to help you look after yourself or enable you to keep paying the bills.
What about if the treatment they need is only available overseas? What about paying the mortgage or rent?


Why do I need it?


  • Everyone knows someone who has had a serious medical event happen in their lives such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer or become quadriplegic or paraplegic from an accident.

  • If you suffer from one of those serious medical conditions such as cancer, heart attack or stroke the good news is that they're no longer a death sentence. The bad news is, whilst you're getting back on your feet over the next couple of years where will you find the money to pay for the big costs associated with your recovery?

What does it Cover?

Most Trauma policies cover around 50-60 conditions, paid upon diagnosis. They can be broken down into the following groups:


  • Heart Disorders

  • Blood Disorders 

  • Nervous System Disorders (stroke, motor neurone disease, MS etc)

  • Body Organ Disorders (cancer, deafness, transplants, blindness etc)

  • Other Events (Coma, serious injury, serious burns etc)



How does it work?

  • If you are diagnosed with one of up to 60 listed conditions the policy will pay out either as a full or partial benefit (depending on the severity of the condition).

  • It is a cover with a positive feel about it, it's designed to help you recover without financial stress.

  • It is paid in a tax-free lump sum

  • All claims we have ever had (and there have been many) have been paid out in a timely manner, within a couple of weeks and usually less. 

The facts are highlighted as follows:


  • One in three men and one in four women are expected to be directly affected by cancer before age 75*

  • Each year over 40,000 Australians suffer from stroke**

  • Diabetes is the 6th highest cause of death in Australia ***

  • Heart, stroke and vascular diseases kill more Australians than any other disease group, 50,294 people died as a result of this group in 2002 and 1.01 million Australians are disabled long-term by heart, stroke and vascular diseases ****

* Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare – Cancer – Australian Cancer Incidence Statistics update December 2008
** Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Heart, Stroke and Vascular diseases Australian 2006.
*** Source:
**** Source: Heart, Stroke and Vascular Diseases. Australian Facts 2004


How much do I need?

This is dependent on your situation, but you generally need to consider the following:

  • Costs of immediate care – i.e. alternative or more specialised treatment in Australia or overseas, outside the scope of health insurance cover.

  • Employment– will you be capable, or will you want to return to work immediately after recovery or spend time focusing on your health?

  • Ongoing Costs – how will your condition affect increased cost of living – rehabilitation equipment or specialised care?

  • Housing and Transport – would you have to modify your home or purchase a specially modified car?

  • Lifestyle Changes– as a result of your traumatic and emotional crisis, would you want extra funds to go on an extended holiday or purchase a holiday home?

  • Debt Cancellation– would you want to pay out your mortgage?

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