Total & Permanent Disability Cover

​What would happen if you were driving home from work and were involved in a serious car accident?
After waking from a medically induced coma you were told you're now a quadriplegic. How would this affect your life emotionally and financially?
Why do I need it?


  • Where will income come from if you were unable to ever work again due to accident or sickness?

  • How are you going to repay your debts, look after the family and also support your changed lifestyle needs?

  • You need to have a cash lump sum to cover the financial loss of your injury or illness, and it needs to get you through the long term because it really means you're never going to work again. 

  • TPD proceeds are generally used for the same things as death cover (paying out debt and creating an income stream to continue to live on) and that is why it is often packaged with death cover

How much do I need?


Similar to the calculation of Life insurance the method of calculation normally takes into account your values and any liabilities you may have, your future earning potential and the size of your family. The matters that we'll discuss with you include:


  • Your debt reduction needs

  • Provision for future purchases, investments etc.

  • Future education expenses for children.

  • Income generation requirements

How does it work?


  • TPD pays a lump sum in the event of Total and Permanent Disablement to the point where it is unlikely that you will ever work or look after yourself again.

  • Most commonly we see people who have become wheelchair-bound or people suffering from mental health issues such as depression as totally and permanently disabled. TPD cover is not limited to a specific list of conditions.


Did you know there are 3 definitions of Total and Permanent Disability? Each could affect you differently so we strongly advise seeking specialist advice in this area so you can ensure you are properly covered.



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