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I am very grateful for your fantastic professional service and your kind and friendly approach. Your response is always prompt and talking to you, I feel I am talking to a friend who cares about my personal interests. I have never experienced that before when I dealt with many providers. Your dedication to provide the best is unique. My congratulations to you Igor and your fantastic staff.

M. Michaels, VIC




Thank you very much for all your help and support during this rather annoying episode and thank you for having done an excellent job as a broker and having supplied me with an excellent product.  I really appreciate it.  Generally, it’s not until you have to claim that you find out whether something you have been sold is worth what you pay for

Juan, NSW




I have always wondered what the real value is having someone like Loufin represent me in my insurance placement and management – especially in today’s World where it is so easy to go online and surf to your heart’s content finding the ideal policy to suit yourself.


About 2 months ago I was in touch with Loufin to discuss my policies and in the discussion I mentioned that I had been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. I didn’t think that any of my policies covered this condition and never gave much thought to it. To my surprise without even asking for it  Loufin got hold of me a few days later and informed me that they thought that I have good grounds to make a claim.


To my astonishment that despite being overseas once I had filled in the claim form and collected all the necessary backing documentation (which took a couple of weeks) I was paid out a healthy sum within days. Thanks Igor and team you have earned your keep.





A few months ago, the acid test of Igor's skills and integrity came when I sustained a fractured ankle whilst on holiday overseas. When I rang Igor, his professionalism flowed effortlessly. All I had to do was provide details of my injuries, and he took over the processing of my claims. He even pointed out the small print benefits in my policy, which further enhanced the size of the compensation. I was impressed.

I found the quality of Igor's advise on Insurance matters to be surprisingly deep and comprehensive. Maybe his training as a qualified Accountant, tempered with years of business acumen adds to the quality of his advice.

I know now, just as Igor promises, Igor delivers​

E. Cheah




Recently, Peter fell out of a tree he was trimming and broke his shoulder blade - not too bad considering that many people falling from over 5 metres die (about 300 deaths p/a from falls).


The good news is that healing has been speedy, but also comforting that less than a month before, Peter had taken out new insurances with Loufin, and they were very concerned, but also prompt in organising the insurance payment - could not have been more helpful.


The payment was also more than a windfall as Peter's work performance was limited, so income was low and there were a surprising number of medical costs.

Would recommend Igor and his band of wonderful people in a thrice

E. Veal




I want to thank you for a number of things. Firstly, for the time you spent talking with me about the insurance cover I needed. I always found you very easy to talk to, business-like but friendly, and the questions you asked showed me that you knew your subject extremely well.

Secondly, thank you for your patience. I confess that my first reaction when I saw all the forms that had to be filled in was to place them near the bottom of the in-tray, but your cheerful reminders somehow managed to coax those forms to the top of the pile.

Thirdly, thank you for your remarkable capacity to get me covered, for the insurance I need, where others before you (going back to the early 1990s) have failed. I don't know how you did it, but I suspect that it might be that you have earned, from the insurance companies, the same profound respect that you have earned from me. If that is the case, it is a respect that you thoroughly deserve.​

R. Grainger




Dear Igor,

I’d like to express my deep gratitude for your role in this settlement, starting from selecting the right policy for us, and knowing the details well enough to recognise that my wife’s situation qualified her for such a significant payout.  I was thinking that maybe the policy would cover the income lost for a recovery period of a couple of months, and did not, in my wildest dreams, think that it would result in such a payout.  This will enable us to totally restructure our financial position from one which was looking pretty tight, with little prospect of changing, to a very comfortable long-term position, along with helping our kids out in a significant way.  This has helped to really ease a very traumatic time for us.

Whilst this is the sort of insurance policy that you hope never to have to exercise, it has now turned out to be the best investment decision I have ever made, and probably the one that I put the least effort and thought into, trusting your advice; obviously I am a good judge of character and expertise 

I look forward to continuing to trust your guidance on my insurance protection into the future.


B. Harris, NSW




Dear Karla,

Thank you so much – has been delightful dealing with you. You are so professional and so caring – really comes through. Thank you for your patience.

L. Ritchie, QLD




I cannot recommend Sacha highly enough and do so at each opportunity to my business associates & aquaintances. Sacha is at all times professional and personable. Sacha has gone the extra mile for us on a number of occassions to align the best product to our evolving personal & professional circumstances.

J. Pike, VIC




Debbie is very good at what she does, she is so much more than an insurance broker. She shows genuine interest in her clients especially when the chips are down when you need her the most, I would recommend her to anyone wanting someone who is interested in getting the best for you, the client, to care for all your insurance requirements

N. Cox, QLD




Thankyou very much, Karla. Your answers are just what I needed. Now I can sit back and relax, for the time being at least. The advice from you and Igor is definitely worth the money.

S. Jennings, NSW




Your newsletters are always worth reading - we get updates, information, advice, assistance, good stories and it hits a button in our head that reminds us to check our policies.

M . Hau

Northmead NSW




At age 43 and a medical practitioner I have seen all forms of severe medical illness and its consequences on the patient and their family members.

I begrudgingly got full Life Insurance including Trauma Insurance after vigorous harassment from my wife in 2002. I would constantly complain about the cost each year to my wife and colleagues.

When I was struck with Multiple Sclerosis this year, the thought of my large debt burden and how was I supposed to look after my wife and four kids financial needs was frightening.

I am now glad that I am fully covered as the large Crisis Cover payout has given me peace of mind. I also know that if I am ever permanently incapacitated there is TPI and Disability Cover to back me up. Igor and his team were fantastic in getting things started with the insurance company and much to my surprise the claims officer of the insurance company was supportive, courteous and not obstructive.

I am now in remission and feeling well. Knowing that my financial needs will be met in the future, I can now sleep better.

I no longer whinge about paying insurance for anything I own including myself!

Dr. E. Klonis 




Dear Igor,

What an unusual yet wonderful combination you are – Insurance Broker extraordinaire and caring human being. Both qualities were vital in the successful resolution of the life insurance claim for my late husband. Your genuine care and support helped me get through a very distressing and trying period. You were professional above and beyond anything I could have hoped for.

Not content with selling the policy, you negotiated with the insurance company on my behalf when I made the claim. Your belief in me and your efforts on my behalf ensured the claim was settled much quicker than would otherwise have been the case.

I can’t thank you enough.

C. Lister 




I am very grateful for your fantastic professional service and your kind and friendly approach. Your response is always prompt and talking to you, I feel I am talking to a friend who cares about my personal interests. I have never experienced that before when I dealt with many insurance providers. Your dedication to provide the best is unique. My congratulations to you Igor and your fantastic staff.





I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart, 7 years ago you show me the statistics of the number of people that actually end up with cancers, heart problems & or diabetes. I then looked at the average age range that these problems seamed to occur, as I was 50 at the time I realised that I was in that crucial time frame. I had large investment debt & my fear was that if I passed away I would be leaving a financial mess for my loved-ones to sort out. Following your advice I took out Life Insurance to cover my debt which included Trauma insurance. Being over-committed in Real Estate & selling all investments to save myself from going under I lost many hundreds thousands of Dollars leaving me in substantial debt. Then I accidentally found that I had a Brain Tumour that was Benign & not growing -- that was good, within 12 months I realised that I had prostate cancer, within 2 weeks after having that removed I had a heart attack caused by one of my arteries collapsing by 70%. The Trauma Insurance was paid to me removing all my existing debt & medical bills. I highly recommend Igor’s knowledge in this field to everyone who wants to sleep well every night, especially the Trauma Insurance as the majority of us will end up with one of these nasties & you will normally live to enjoy the payout.               

Thank you Igor & team you have been great                                           

R. Saville

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