Mission & Values

At Loufin we leave and breathe insurance. We've been specialising in insurance for over 30 years; we know it, love it and believe that all Australians should have access to quality advice and structuring for their insurance needs.


For most Australians insurance should underpin their life journey.  We have found that due to the multiude of providers out there, the overuse of inane jargon and gimmicky advertising and the lack of education available for Australians on the topic, Australia has a serious underinsurance problem.


Our process is one in which we work together and  make sure we are here for our clients when the worst happens to ensure their present and future is protected and that they can utlimately move forward rather than going backwards.



What sets Loufin apart?


We aim to add value to our client's lives through:


  • Education

    • We firmly believe that there is a significant education and communication gap in Australians engaging with and managing their financial future. Rather than throw facts and figures at our clients we have an ongoing committment to the helping our clients be empowered to make educated decisions both now and at reviews.


  • Specialisation

    • We've been specialising in life and disability insurance for 30 years. We've won numerous awards and processed many claims. We're humble, but at the same time we're not in it for the short term and we're not doing this just to pay the bils. Amongst our team we've got over 100 years of insurance experience, and even our 'least experienced' adviser is close to 10 years in insurance. 


  • Innovation

    • We are constantly growing and innovating. We reckon you won't have done insurance like this before. We're big advocates of video techonolgy, amongst lots of innovative ways of improving our communication with out clients. 


  • Reviews and ongoing management

    • We're not 'set and forget' advisers. We offer full reviews every 12 months because we know how fast things can change. As part of ongoing management, it means we're making sure you have the right protection strategy for your ever-changing needs, and that at claim time, we're here by your side.


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