Income Protection

​Income Protection is your back up plan.
If you can't work due to a sickness, accident or injury it covers your everyday costs of living, without you having to rely on family, friends or 'the system' to look after you. 
Why do you need it?

What is your greatest asset? 

  • Car?

  • Home?

  • Savings?

WRONG! It is you and your ability to earn an income! Without you and the income you generate how would you even have those assets in the first place? Yet which one of the above do you generally think of insuring first? Your car is worth $50,000, house – approximately $300,000 (building costs only) yet your ability to earn income for say 25 years at $50,000 per year, indexed, is around $2,000,000!!!


Income Protection is your back up plan because if you can't work due to a sickness where's the money going to come from?


  • Sure, you can rely on your family, friends and the government to support you, for a time at least

  • Why not sell some of your assets to get some money to live off whilst you can't work, but you have to ask why would you do that to yourself?


Why would you want that extra stress? Why would you want to draw down on your asset base and dip into your savings? Why do that to yourself when there's a simple solution that will deposit money into your account every month whilst you can't work.


How much will I need?

  • Most income protection covers will only allow you to cover 75% of your gross salary and 9% super contributions - a total of 84% of your total income package

  • For self-employed people it is 75% of gross income less business expenses.

  • For self employed persons add back calculations are made to substantiate correct income, similar to calculations for banks when applying for a home loan.

  • Proof of income will be required up front to save the problem at claim time.


How does it work?

  • Its a way to ensure you get paid an income in the event that you can't work as a result of a sickness, accident or injury. It covers you for this occurrence anywhere in the world*: 24 hours per day. * Some restrictions apply since September 11, 2001.

  • It will allow you to continue to put food on the table, petrol in the car, help pay your mortgage and other debts such as your investment property, pay school fees and maintain a reasonable standard of living.

  • It is paid to you on a monthly basis, just like normal income.

  • it is tax deductible - woohoo!


It doesn't matter if you're an employee or self-employed, we can help you get the right Income Protection policy.
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