Child Cover

​How would you cope if your child was diagnosed with a serious illness? You would do anything to help them recover.
You shouldn't have to struggle financially as well as emotionally during such a difficult time. Child Cover means that you can have financial assistance readily available to help your child recover.


What is it?


  • Most companies will offer cover for your child or children for death and critical illness

  • It is a lump sum paid upon diagnosis

  • It is added to the parent’s policy but is an independent policy

Why do I need it?


  • Its every parent’s worst nightmare to have their child suffer from a traumatic injury or illness. The effects on the family are dramatic and everybody is affected.

  • There is an immediate impact on cash flow, with costs not only directly associated with the child’s condition, but, as any parent would understand, usually at least one if not both parents cease work to be with their child.

  • A child cover policy attached to the parent's policy means the funds are there to pay for the best treatment, income replacement for the parents and do whatever else you need to do to help your child recover.

How much do I need?


  • At this stage the maximum amount of cover available for children is $250,000

  • It’s cheap as chips - $100,000 of cover could cost up to $120 per annum

  • The child must be at least 2 years old

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